Andrew Wilder, Matt Maurer and Vlad Mihaescu to speak on a Legal Primer on Cannabis in Canada and the US

Andrew Wilder, Matt Maurer and Vlad Mihaescu will be speaking on, "A Legal Primer on Cannabis in Canada and the US" presented by Ally Law.

Members from Torkin Manes (Canada) and Much (Chicago) will be speaking on Thursday, June 25 at Noon ET for a legal primer on cannabis for the United States and Canada.

For both jurisdictions, we'll discuss the following:

  • Current legal status (e.g. medical only or still fully illegal)
  • Which products are legal currently
  • High level overview of the legal regime (how licensing works, how purchasing and ordering works, who controls what, age restrictions, etc.)
  • Current outlook on future trends (e.g. is rec on the horizon? Are new products about to be legalized, etc.)

To register, please click here

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