Torkin Manes’ Cannabis Law Group Launches Cannabis Promotional and Marketing Regulatory Advice Program

Since the passage of the federal Cannabis Act, our cannabis lawyers have repeatedly been consulted to provide cannabis companies with regulatory advice pertaining to marketing and promotional activities related to a variety of cannabis-related businesses.  Many of the federal and provincial rules and regulations relating to marketing and promotion are vague and, arguably, open to interpretation. As such, we are constantly asked questions such as:

  • Is this proposed advertisement legally compliant?
  • Are we able to run certain types of events or loyalty programs?
  • Is our proposed name and/or logo for our store (or product) legally compliant?
  • Are we able to do “X” with our customers in a legal manner?

As more cannabis companies begin their operations, we are increasingly noticing a variety of marketing and promotional ideas and materials put out by industry participants in the market which are offside federal and/or provincial law.

We know that building a brand and a customer following is a critical component to any successful business, especially in its earliest days. We also know that many business owners decide not to consult professionals, such as lawyers, in their early days, instead choosing to deploy (sometimes scarce) capital into other aspects of the business. Sadly, we also know how businesses who choose to forego professional advice early on can face significant legal problems down the road, problems which could have easily been avoided with a bit of professional advice early on.

In order to try to assist the industry generally and make professional services more widely available, we are pleased to launch our Cannabis Promotional and Marketing Regulatory Advice Program. Under the program, clients are able to consult with our team on cannabis-specific promotional and marketing matters on an unlimited basis for a set period of time, for a flat fee.

If you are interested in learning more about our Cannabis Promotional and Marketing Regulatory Advice Program, please contact our Cannabis Law Group’s Co-Chair, Matt Maurer, at, or 416-777-5452.

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