Matt Maurer was quoted in the Financial Post

Matt Maurer was quoted by the Financial Post about the OSC’s first court proceeding involving a publicly traded cannabis company. 


The case — the OSC’s f“If there aren’t significant consequences (for CannTrust’s former leaders), I could see some companies … saying, ‘Wow, we just shuffle this here and do that there and we’re so much further ahead, what’s really going to happen? Just look at CannTrust.”‘irst court proceeding involving a publicly traded cannabis company — is scheduled to begin at the Ontario court of justice in Toronto on Monday. If it ends with a strong ruling in favour of the financial regulator, many believe the case could deter other pot companies from skirting the law.

“When this whole CannTrust thing came out, it caused a lot of people to pause and stop cutting corners that they were cutting before because they were concerned for what might happen,” said Matt Maurer, a partner at Torkin Manes LLP and co-chair of its cannabis law group.

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