Matt Maurer was quoted in StratCann on cannabis consumption lounges

Matt Maurer, Chair of our Cannabis Law Group and of our Franchise Law Group, spoke to StratCann on cannabis consumption lounges. 

After much consultation and a lot of waiting, British Columbia released its What We Heard consultation report on the possibility of cannabis consumption lounges in January. The results were somewhat predictable: cannabis consumers and those connected to the industry were generally in favour, while non-cannabis users were against the plan.


“There are loopholes,” says cannabis lawyer Matt Maurer. “And by loopholes, I mean there are locations that are suitable, and not technically prohibited.” It’s that ambiguity that has allowed something like Behind the Bend to operate successfully, he says, but notes that the legal questions around it are far from settled.

“If we just meet up in the parking lot once a week and smoke a joint, no problem,” he says. “If you turn that into a business, then the question from a legal perspective is, what’s the difference?” 


To read the full article, please visit StratCann.

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