Matt Maurer was quoted by The Lawyers Daily

The federal government’s legislative review of the Cannabis Act was announced on Sept. 22, a year later than promised, though under the terms of the Act the review must be completed 18 months after it begins.

Matt Maurer was quoted about the review in The Lawyer's Daily

Matt Maurer, who is co-chair of that firm’s cannabis law group, noted that the review was “long overdue” and said it was “disappointing that a lot of the action items are things that could have been undertaken a long time ago in the run-up to the review.”

As examples, Maurer gave: the selection of the other four members of the expert panel; the commencement of engagement with various stakeholders; and the commencement of any studies to be done in connection with the review.

“Instead, what we have is the start of a process that will compile information (likely over a lengthy period of time) before the information is then applied and recommendations are then made thereafter,” he told The Lawyer’s Daily in an e-mail.

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