Matt Maurer spoke with Marijuana Business Daily on the concern regarding leadership changes at the OCS

Matt Maurer, Co-chair of our Cannabis Law Group and Chair of our Franchise Law Group, spoke with Marijuana Business Daily on the concern regarding leadership changes at the OCS.

The executive turntable at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is spinning again, with the provincial wholesale monopoly and online retailer about to get its sixth president in three years.

The rapid executive turnover has some industry watchers concerned the organization might be lacking executive continuity.

Matt Maurer, co-chair of the cannabis practice at Toronto law firm Torkin Manes, expressed some concern.

“From a purely objective industry perspective, it is somewhat concerning to see the wholesaler of the largest market in the country undergo three leadership changes within a relatively short time period,” said Maurer, adding that could not speak to any specifics about Haig’s departure.

“Given that the industry is still in its infancy and there are a lot of unexpected issues that arise and need to be sorted out on an ongoing basis, one would think there would be great benefit to continuity of leadership and vision,” he said.

“I think most people would look at turnover at the top level of a business in any other industry as reason for pause. And I don’t think people look at this specific instance any differently,” Maurer said.

Read the full article on Marijuana Business Daily.

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