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Matt Maurer speaks to The Star about the strategies cannabis brands may have used for the lottery

Of 2,078 applications in Tuesday’s provincial lottery for the chance to apply for new pot shop licences in the GTA, five winners proposed the same Oshawa address for their intended stores. Two of these were selected outright and three are on a wait-list.

And the curious cases of cannabis store addresses showing up more than once was not that surprising to Toronto lawyer Matt Maurer, vice-chair of the cannabis law group at firm Torkin Manes.

Maurer says nothing underhanded or shady is behind the apparent anomaly of the addresses, which had many shut-out entrants crying foul after results were made public Wednesday.

Maurer says he’s heard of cannabis brands that used this strategy for the lottery, but said he didn’t know whether it was used in the Oshawa or Burlington cases.

This article was originally published on The Star. To read the complete article, visit the The Star website



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