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Matt Maurer speaks to The Star about Canada's first year of cannabis legalization

It was the advice given many times to maiden pot users, emboldened by Canadian legalization to take their first tokes over the past year:

“Start low and go slow.”

Toronto lawyer Matt Maurer, vice-chair of the cannabis law group at the firm Torkin Manes, said most of the first year’s legal confusion came at the provincial level, where decisions were made on how to implement the federal laws.

“We had provinces figuring out, ‘How are we going to do retail? Is it going to be public, is it going to be private, how are we going to allocate the stores?’ ” Maurer said.

“And then we (had) Alberta coming out and putting a pause on the stores and Ontario flipping from public to private and then going from an application system to a lottery.”

This article was originally published on The Star. To read the complete article, visit the The Star website

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