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Matt Maurer speaks to Global News about the most recent cannabis retail lottery

As promised, the names of 42 applicants across Ontario who won a lottery that may allow them to open a cannabis store were announced Wednesday,

“The AGCO allowed multiple entries on sites,” says Toronto cannabis lawyer Matt Maurer. “They clarified that in advance of the lottery.”

“From the landlord’s perspective, it’s maximizing their odds that a vacant property will become tenanted. If I’m a landlord, and I take one entry, you’ve got a one in, whatever it was, 5,000 chance of winning. If I take 10, I’ve just increased my odds that I’ll have a tenant substantially.”

Winning the lottery only means that a person, or company, is invited to apply for a store licence.

This article was originally published on Global News. To read the complete article, visit the Global News website.

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