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Matt Maurer speaks to Empathy North about the direction of the cannabis industry in their first White Paper

The demand for cannabis products and the entire services sector that is being built around them is well-documented. 

However, we also see that the early valuations for publicly traded companies have recently come back to earth with Hexo announcing layoffs, and other brands calling for hiring freezes.  

“The [cannabis] industry is a highly regulated one. If online sales are an avenue that companies are pursuing it is incumbent on them to understand the regulatory framework in which they operate, including how different jurisdictional rules interact with each other…[R]unning offside of the regulatory framework is too great to take lightly,” Matt Maurer, Vice-Chair Cannabis Law Group - Torkin Manes LLC. 

This article was originally published on Empathy North. To read more, and to view the full report, click here

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