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Matt Maurer speaks to Marijuana Business Daily about farm-gate retail

Matt Maurer of Torkin Manes Cannabis Law Group in Toronto said there is very little logic in having a provincial wholesaler involved in a farm-gate store.

To the extent that a federal licensee wishes to sell its own product at a retail store located at its own production side, Maurer said it strikes him “as an unnecessary administrative and regulatory burden to insist that it purchase its own product from the OCS.”

“As matters presently stand, product arrives at the OCS already packaged and sealed, so the OCS does not provide any meaningful regulatory product assurance role.

“While it might make sense for third-party retailers to buy product from the OCS, or even to have federal license holders purchase other license holders’ products from the OCS to sell at farm-gate stores, it makes little sense to inject the OCS as an intermediary for a product that is being produced and sold from the same premises.”

This article was originally published in the Marijuana Business Daily. Click here to read more

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