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Matt Maurer speaks to Cannabis IQ about dealing with an illicit business

A cannabis mail-order business received payments in the tens of thousands of dollars from customers but then failed to fill any of the orders. They blamed it on the postal service, offered discounts as a way to gradually repay what they admitted they owed but then failed to reopen. Is anybody monitoring the mail-order businesses for fraud? And who would I file a complaint with?

One problem with dealing with an illicit business is that you have little to fall back on if something goes wrong, or you feel ripped off.

Cannabis lawyer Matt Maurer confirms our suspicions.

“Short answer is … they’re out of luck,” he writes. “The courts will not enforce illegal contracts, and a contract for the purchase and sale of illegal products is, by definition, an illegal contract.”

This newsletter was originally published in Cannabis IQ – Global News. To read the complete article, click here.

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