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Matt Maurer speaks to AHLOT on cannabis being deemed essential

Matt Maurer, of Torkin Manes' Cannabis Law Group, speaks to AHLOT on cannabis being deemed essential.

"When I heard that cannabis was deemed essential it was a moment of pure happiness that quite frankly has been missing for the past few weeks. While I fully support physical distancing and measures to plank the curve, I know how much these cannabis businesses mean to the people who own and operate them and the people who work at these businesses. I felt that with some modification (for example moving exclusively to a curb-side pickup or delivery model) the stores could remain operational without compromising our public health objectives. Whether people will admit it or not, cannabis is an essential medicine for so many people suffering from a wide variety of ailments (from moderate to significant). Having cannabis designated essential is not only critical for the people who rely on cannabis on a regular basis but for the businesses that help get the plant all the way from seed to sale."

This article was originally published on AHLOT.

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