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Matt Maurer and Kenneth Beallor to teach at Osgoode Hall Law School Cannabis Law and Regulation Program

Matt Maurer, Co-chair of our Cannabis Law Group and Chair of our Franchise Law Group, and Kenneth Beallor, partner in our Commercial Real Estate Group, have been selected to teach at the Osgoode Hall Law School Cannabis Law and Regulation Program which will commence in January 2021.

Matt will be teaching the Retail and Franchising section and Ken will be addressing Real Estate issues. 

About the program:

Current challenges and existing strategies are benchmarked as well as critical areas for innovation. The curriculum is wide-ranging, relevant, and addresses everything from the foundations of cannabis law and regulation in Canada, to the most topical issues affecting clients in all aspects of the cannabis industry.

In this five-day, intensive certificate students will:

  • Examine cannabis law in Canada, including the impact of legalization and international drug treaties
  • Assess the global context: an overview of international law and norms
  • Explore and analyze the cannabis business, including:
    • Lending and debt finance and registration of security interests
    • Licenses/transfer of licences/enforcement of loans
    • Merger and acquisitions in the cannabis context
    • Investment/banking issues
  • Understand the general commercial agreements that are used in the cannabis context
  • Discuss key operational issues/challenges facing the cannabis industry
  • Learn about the classes of cannabis under Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act – including edibles, extracts and topicals
  • Explore the regulatory framework as it applies to medical cannabis
  • Recognize the challenges and opportunities in retail and franchising
  • Understand the requirements for physical site security
  • Analyse the legal framework in relation to packaging/labelling/marketing and promotion of cannabis and cannabis products
  • Learn about intellectual property in the cannabis context
  • Learn about cannabis and the workplace
    • Common occupational health and safety issues/hazards in the cannabis industry
    • Security clearances under the Cannabis Act and Regulations
    • Immigration issues
  • Identify key legal real estate issues
  • Evaluate social justice issues and cannabis-related advocacy
  • Learn how best to manage your cannabis licence and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Learn about quality systems – GPP and GMP
  • Explore taxation of the cannabis industry
    • Excise duty and stamps
    • Cost recovery levy on gross earnings by licensed producers (LPs)
    • Exempt classes of licenses
  • Analyze and understand legal issues in insolvency in the Cannabis Industry
    • Cross border insolvency issues
  • Discuss the life of the plant: from cloning to sale
    • Growth cycles
    • Problems experienced by growers – e.g. recall issues
    • Product Liability
    • Indemnity clauses
    • Insurance requirements

For more information, read the agenda.

To register, please visit Osgoode Professional Development.

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