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Matt Maurer and Carrie Levitt speak to Cannabis IQ about young people participating in cultivation activities

Matt Maurer and Carrie Levitt are featured in the recent newsletter, Cannabis IQ – Global News

I have a home grow. Harvesting and trimming the plants is a lot of work, and my kids have offered to help. Can I allow this without breaking the law?

Cannabis lawyers Carrie Levitt and Matt Maurer took this on. They reference Ontario, but other provincial cannabis laws are worded similarly.

“Both the federal and Ontario legislation prohibit young persons to participate in the cultivation, propagation, and harvesting of the plant,” they write. “There is an exemption that allows a young person with medical documents to possess cannabis, but that exemption doesn’t extend to cultivation, harvesting, etc.”

This newsletter was originally published in Cannabis IQ – Global News. To read the complete article, click here.

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