Event Recap - Canadian Cannabis: What’s Next?

On August 18, 2021 the Torkin Manes Cannabis Law Group, in partnership with Business of Cannabis, hosted over 130 members of the cannabis community. The event featured a series of segments where key industry leaders from throughout the cannabis supply chain provided their perspectives on what they believed was next in Canadian cannabis.

Matt Maurer, Co-Chair of Torkin Manes LLP’s Cannabis Law Group and Krista Raymer, Co-Founder of Vetrina Group – a cannabis retail consultancy, joined the program to talk about the current state of mergers and acquisitions in the Canadian cannabis landscape. With the proliferation of cannabis retailers in Canada – and the fierce competition that has ensued – the landscape for cannabis retail is unsettled. Within this environment, M&A activity has picked up considerably, and Maurer and Raymer provided a deep dive into the landscape they are seeing on a day-to-day basis.

View the Understanding M&A in cannabis retail right now recording.

The event featured the following industry leaders:

View the industry leaders' recordings here.


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