Investment Executive quotes Matt Maurer on CannTrust case

Matt Maurer, Co-chair of our Cannabis Law Group and Chair of our Franchise Law Group, spoke to Investment Executive on the quasi-criminal CannTrust case.

The Ontario Securities Commission says it no longer has a reasonable prospect of convicting three former cannabis company leaders linked to securities offences at CannTrust Holdings Inc.

The regulator’s lawyer Dihim Emami made the admission on Wednesday at Old City Hall in Toronto, where he asked for a leave to withdraw the charges against former CannTrust chief executive Peter Aceto, former chairman Eric Paul and former vice-chairman Mark Litwin.


Industry observers felt that if it ended with a strong ruling in favour of the financial regulator, the case could deter other pot companies from skirting the law.

“If there aren’t significant consequences [for CannTrust’s former leaders], I could see some companies … saying, ‘Wow, we just shuffle this here and do that there and we’re so much further ahead, what’s really going to happen? Just look at CannTrust,” said Matt Maurer, a partner at Torkin Manes LLP and co-chair of its cannabis law group, before the case landed in court.


To read the full article, please visit the Investment Executive website.

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